Getting beyond Get On Twitter – leadership in digital era

Policing Social CItizens

OS building

So I pitched a session at UK Bluelight Camp today to understand what delegates thought that 999 leaders needed to acquire in order to make services that will be fit for a digital era: we need to think what impact is social technology having on society and how to make our services fit for 10 and 20 years time. This is also relevant to the Networked Councillors programme that I work on. Any form of public leadership really.

The group found it truly painful to get beyond  – “they need to use twitter and effectively. And some do. And some don’t.” We had social media surveillance discussions, we had PR discussions, we had front line morale discussions. We didn’t really get far beyond twitter to be honest. I threw in “imagine how technology in homes for health and social care could be used for preventing crime and fire”, “what if…

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One response to “Getting beyond Get On Twitter – leadership in digital era

  1. Very interesting. I’d like to understand what you mean by ‘leadership’ because I’m wondering if one can ever digitise that (depending on what you think leadership is). As a councillor I have to ask: am I in a leadership role and, if so, am I a better one for using social media?

    Interested to understand more about the two scenarios particularly with respect to their correlation to taxes.

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