Chat on Twitter – about blogging well as a councillor

Our own Emma Daniel has captured a very interesting Networked Councillor-themed conversation between her and other councillors: Rowan Draper, Alison Hernandez and Jon Harvey. She has created a Storify – read it here.

I thought it worth sharing on the blog too, since the chat concentrates on blogging – and, er… what better place to mark that than on a blog, right?

Cllr Rowan Draper started things off by asking if anyone had tips on more successful blogging. Here are some of the advice he was given:-

  • Cllr Emma Daniel: “@Rowan_Draper look for people who have the networks you want to reach, cc them in your blog posts and ask for feedback and comments.”
  • Cllr Emma Daniel: “@Rowan_Draper a poll might provide feedback also, storify twitter feedback.”
  • Cllr Alison Hernandez: “@Rowan_Draper @huxley06 you need to get in the thick of it. I could film, photograph, interview, write about folk every minute of every day.”

There was even some advice on the style of photo that might be appropriate for a political blog, with Alison Hernandez suggesting he needed to pick a different, more approachable angle for the shot. Cllr Jon Harvey also chipped with some advice of a different nature. He said:-

The conversation also touched on other issues – this is very much edited highlights – so please do have a look at the Storify for the full version.



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