Networked Councillor in NLGN research paper

The New Local Government Network think tank has just published an excellent research paper called Future Councillors: Where Next For Local Politics?

The publication, which you can download from this page on NLGN’s website in PDF, aims to map out the future role for local councillors. Contrbutors to the paper include Sir Steve Bullock, the mayor of Lewisham Borough Council, Cllr Peter Fleming, the leader of Sevenoaks District Council, and our very own Catherine Howe, who has written about Networked Councillor to offer a perspective on the implications the Internet has for future councillors.

In his introduction to the paper, Simon Parker says that the NLGN wants to start a new discussion about the future role of elected members – which it thinks is the one part of the debate over the future of local government that has so far been missing. Catherine’s piece concentrates on the implications of the Internet for the role of councillors – and how it necessitates an awareness among politicians and councils of networked power.

Please have a read and keep the conversation going on Twitter (with the hashtag #NetworkedCllr or here on the blog).


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