More blogging about Networked Councillor

I just thought I should write a quick post to tell you about some of the activities around Networked Councillor in the last week or so…

Obviously, we’re still trying to recover from the terrific (and energy-sapping) time we had at the LGA Conference last week. It is worth saying that Catherine (the busy bee that she is) is currently out dealing with other stuff, but I hope she’ll be back blogging here soon with some update on the feedback to the report.

So here are a few things…

  • There’s been more blogging related to the project, with Leah Lockhart up in Edinburgh talking about the report to councillors in social media sessions she’s been running. As she says “What is now very clear to me are the issues around identity and permission are big for elected members. There is a desire or need for a space that is safe to experiment and practical training to be provided by a neutral body or group.” Read her post here.
  • I missed referring to an earlier post from Colin Noble’s thoughts from the Networked Councillor roundtable event that he attended. He says: “I for one believe that what it’s actually about is being accessible, going to places where people gather and working with your community to get the best out of the system whatever that may be.” Please read Colin’s post here.
  • We’ve set up a Twitter account, in case you haven’t seen it, here. Unsurprisingly, we’ve called it NetworkedCllr – and that councillor’s moniker is Cllr Bloggs. Credit for the joke has to go to Emma Daniel, aka @huxley06.

I’m sure there’ll be more to tell you soon, but until then…


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