Collating the conversation at the LGA

Yesterday I said I’d have a go at collating the tweets about #NetworkedCllr into a Storify. I’ve had a go at this and you  can see the result below.

First thing I’d say about this is that it made me realise just how many different chats can go on in one conversation – if that makes sense! Lots of things happened yesterday and in the days before related to #NetworkedCllr and, frankly, it’s quite hard to keep up. For that reason, the Storify is a work in progress. I’ll need to spend more time picking through the tweets to make a really good job of what happened.

Anyway, please have a look – and tell me if there’s stuff that I’ve missed!!!

[View the story “#NetworkedCllr at the LGA” on Storify]

Sorry – I can’t embed this here as Storify isn’t whitelisted for blogs. I’m going to host a similar post over at the Public-i blog, too, which can accommodate it.


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