A big thanks for taking part in Networked Councillor at the LGA Conference

I’m just writing to thank everyone who came along, tweeted, talked and generally got involved in the Networked Councillor sessions (and the ensuing debate) at the LGA Conference.

It was a fantastic few days of conversation – with some very significant learning, and we hope not just for us! As Catherine said on Thursday morning at the breakfast session, this was the last face-to-face opportunity to feed back on the beta version of the report – which will soon be finalised – so it was absolutely great to see such enthusiasm for the #NetworkedCllr concept.

While I wasn’t personally able to attend all the sessions myself (as I was working with the LGA team covering the conference) I noticed that there was great interest in the report and, more generally, in the issue: what does it mean to be a councillor given the technological changes that we’ve seen?

It’s not for me to feed back on the feedback gained (if you’ll forgive that expression) that I’ll leave for Catherine, but for now here are a few things I noticed…

  • Rowan Draper shared the blog post he’s written about Networked Councillor, here: http://t.co/Fi20EyMzbZ
  • You can play the quiz ‘How Networked Are You?‘ on the Public-i website to get a quick introduction to the Networked Councillor concept.
  • Carl Haggerty produced a fantastic sketch of the session, which you see here: http://t.co/gqXSn4s0jC
  • There were also some great observations made on Twitter… I’ll put a storify together to capture some of these ASAP!!

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